Hamilton based chimney sweep/flue cleans.
All log fire repairs, flue replacement and log fire installs.



Flue Clean / Chimney Sweep

Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining a safe, efficient and functioning fireplace. Travel is included in price. 

Free firebox and flue inspection included. 

Whatawhata & Hamilton

$95 incl GST

Raglan, Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Huntly and surrounds

$115 incl GST

Bird Nest Protection

A mesh hat to keep birds from nesting in your flue and appearing unexpectedly in your fireplace! 

Free installation with flue cleans. 

3 Year

An affordable option to keep birds out. 


10 Year

Made from a heavy-duty galvanised mesh, designed to withstand the elements for a decade. 


Fire Installations & Repairs

Purchased a new fire and need installation? Or looking to start from scratch?

We can install your fireplace or provide advice on a what type of fireplace to purchase/where to buy. 

Installation includes help with the council permit*, any extra materials required and installation. 

Woodburners only. Council costs for permits are not included.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote - due to being owner-operated, we are the most competitively priced company in the Waikato! 

Installation price starting from $999


We do repairs for fireplaces such as flues, firebricks, baffles, door & glass seals, glass retainers, knob and top hats. 

House spray

During the summer months, we offer roof spraying for moss, mould and lichen

Keep your roof clear for up to 5 years!

Small houses starting from $150


About Us

We are a family business based in Whatawhata, Waikato. 

Mark & Debbie Broadhead have lived in Whatawhata for over 25 years, and are always on hand to offer free advice. Over the last 6 years, Mark has continuously strived to gain and improve his knowledge throughout all aspects of how to install, clean and repair fireplaces.

Our philosophy is to maintain a highly friendly customer service, that is always asked back and recommended to others.



How often should I have my flue cleaned? 

At least once a year. Did you know that NZ house insurance requires you to have it annually? 

When is the best time to have my flue cleaned? 

You can have it cleaned at any point in the year- in fact, we recommend getting it cleaned during the summer so it is ready to go when the cold season hits! Our busy season is April - August. 

Why is it important to have my flue cleaned? 

Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining a safe, efficient and functioning fireplace. Naturally, the major reason to ensure that your flue gets the regular cleaning that it needs is the safety of your home and family. This should always be your number one priority. In the case of a fireplace and flue/chimney, it’s a gateway to remove potentially dangerous fumes and toxins from your home, so making sure it’s clean and functioning properly is important. More than that, the residue that builds up also has the potential to be a fire hazard. Cleaning is the best way to avoid such hazards and keep you, your family and home safe, happy and healthy.


Who is responsible for paying for the flue clean? 

Flue cleaning is classed as home maintenance (and required yearly by most insurers). This means if you are renting, your landlord should be responsible for payment.

Do I need to be home to have my flue cleaned? 

We do need access into your home to clean your flue/chimney. You're more than welcome to let us in and then leave or organise a key to be left out. 

How can I pay for my flue clean? 

Payment is available via cash or bank transfer, and is invoiced upon completion of the job. Due to current COVID restrictions, we are unable to process cheques at this time. Payment is appreciated within 7 days. 

Do you service wider Waikato areas? 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are happy to travel further for multiple jobs. 

Can you install a second-hand fireplace? 

Unfortunately, Hamilton City and Waipa district require only new fireplaces to be installed. 

If you are in the Waikato District, we can install second hand but the firebox needs to be in good condition, under 10 years old and meet the clean air regulations. 



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